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Grades - Setting Up a Grade book - Points

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Grades-Setting Up a Grade book - Weighted

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Grades - Understanding the Grade Book

This video describes the columns in the grade book such as name of grade item or category, type, association, max points, and weight. The More Action button gives you the option to Delete or Reorder…

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2-26-2021 Friday Writing Session - Building and Sustaining Writing Groups

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1-29-2021 Friday Writing Session - Methods, Methodology, and More

Methods, Methodology, and More Content by Michael Rifenburg and Derek Thiess Presented by Derek ThiessRemember when you drove to a new place and wrote down directions so as to not get lost? Our…

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Working From Home Series: Three Ways to Boost Your Effectiveness in Remote Teaching and Assessment

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Salimi_A Modified Flipped-classroom-UNG SOTL-Ver01.00

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PROS Classroom Video Jan

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Hardy-Weinberg Equation

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