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2040 2023-11-07 1230 Unit 4 Class 1

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Gradebook: Setting up the grade items

The DETI Professional Development [Webinar] Series will present short [chunked] demonstrations on how to apply the D2L grades tool to set up a gradebook where you can create grade items and assign…

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2040 2023-08-22 1230 (Unit 0 Class 1) [Incomplete]

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Quality Matters Prep Online Workshop-Intro-720p-220406

A brief overview about the general standards of the Quality Matters Rubric Standards.

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4-26-2021 How to Write and Publish Your Own Open-Access Textbook

In this workshop, you will learn how faculty can work with Affordable Learning Georgia (ALG) and UNG Press to collaboratively produce free, open-access textbooks for use in their own classes and…

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1-29-2021 Friday Writing Session - Methods, Methodology, and More

Methods, Methodology, and More Content by Michael Rifenburg and Derek Thiess Presented by Derek ThiessRemember when you drove to a new place and wrote down directions so as to not get lost? Our…

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11-2-2020 RBTS

Collaborative Student Projects Across Classrooms and Disciplines: How to Foster Academic Skills Through Shared Experience Ralph Hale and Valerie Surrett Cross-disciplinary student projects are…

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Kaltura Capture recording - September 24th 2020, 3:25:32 pm

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Pre-Arrival Immigration

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ACTIVE-Chancellor’s Learning Scholars: Q&A Jeff Galle - Video 7

Chancellor’s Learning Scholars Kick-off Meeting Q&A, Next steps Jeff Galle Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

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Purvis_Biology_Lecture 2

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The Carbon Cycle

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Science in Action How Science Works _ California Academy of Sciences

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How we think complex cells evolved

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