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Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)- Module 3 Overview

This video presentation will offer suggestions to apply several instructional strategies in using the selective A.I. tools for instructional content, course topics development, and learning…

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Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) - Module 2 Overview

This video presentation introduces several types of artificial intelligence with examples of A.I tools that may benefit UNG students and UNG faculty members based on functionality and specific…

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Creating Presence in the Classroom & Feedback-(Types of Feedback)

This is an overview video for the "Creating a presence in the classroom with feedback" that focuses on incorporating instructional design decisions to the educational experience that…

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4-26-2021 How to Write and Publish Your Own Open-Access Textbook

In this workshop, you will learn how faculty can work with Affordable Learning Georgia (ALG) and UNG Press to collaboratively produce free, open-access textbooks for use in their own classes and…

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Working From Home Series 4_Feelings of Loneliness, Isolation

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